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June 26, 2008


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Looks great.. I will definitely try this out.. Thanks for the recipe ;)


great crust but how long should I cook it to allow the inside to throughly bake.
It seems a bit doughy.


I bake the bread at 450 F for 30-35 minutes. All ovens are slightly different-a few more minutes might make the insides perfect...


I made this last night as the in laws showed up early and we had not bread in the house for breakfast... let me just tell you.. it turned out FABULOUS!!!! I made a few mistakes which rendered the bread raw inside which I quickly fixed, and the bread (I am eating a piece right now with hummus on it) is chewy and delicious!!!! So happy!! I have looked and looked for a recipe like this and I won't have to look anymore. Can you tell I am humming with joy while I write this, lol.


Samantha, That is great-I pleased the bread worked out for you.


this looks great! Has anyone tried to freeze the dough or the loaf?

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