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January 16, 2008


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I was feeling a bit dubious about this juice until I read the ingredients, so now it is sounding better. I think, however, if I make some for Graham, I will not tell him what the ingredients are, he is a complete coward!


Holler, for weeks I drank my green smoothie (going about my business)and the husband would pretend not to notice (and always refuse when I offered). Then one day his curiosity got the best of him and he accepted a cup of green. Now he is hooked and I double my portions.


Loved it. Thanks so much for this recipe and the greens for my first green smoothie. I used it in the food processer this morning with some oj. I have to say it tasted surprisingly good. Since my iron level is so low, thought I better not skip my vitamin for a while. So, I also added my vitamin to the mix, might as well grind that up too right? lol


Great introduction to Green Smoothies - time to get it going everyday. Thanks for the recipes.


To whom it may concern:

I'm writing because you appear to be interested in promoting green smoothies. I've been asked to help with the article "Green smoothie" (, which has been facing stiff opposition.

I am looking for an image to add to the article but I currently do not own a blender. I was wondering if you own the rights to the image if you would be willing and able to upload it to Wikipedia (at and add an appropriate image copyright tag (, for example {{GFDL-self}} or {{PD-self}}.

Keep in mind that this will permit both commercial reuse and derivative works. However, I assume it will improve the article.


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